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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mano Menezes Quotes: A Selection

July 27, 2010

On Winning and the Beautiful Game

“There are several ways of winning and I respect all of them. I will try to choose the way that gives us the best chance of winning. If that can be done with the ‘beautiful game’ that everyone likes, it would be the best. We will try to get as close as possible to that.”

On Dunga and the 2014 World Cup

"Dunga's team was disciplined tactically and that was positive. That's what I want for Brazil, to be well-organised tactically. Because with the talented players that we have, we will always have the capacity to win."

"The World Cup in Brazil will make things harder in a way, but we also will have bigger support. We need to be ready to overcome the pressure and to be in position to win the title."

August 17, 2010

On Neymar’s Choice of Santos or Chelsea

"I might be the person who most wants them to stay in Brazil. In these cases I have a very similar opinion to Zagallo's. We still haven't found the formula for making our players stay longer here. But it is clear that I have to respect Neymar's interests. Thinking of Brazilian football, however, their staying would be beneficial.”

August 25, 2010

On Ronaldo

"With as much energy as he is giving now, Roanldo has the ability to play with the same ability and definition."

"In the beginning, he will run into hard times, but if his motivation increases, he will play very well."

October 9, 2010

On Brazil v. Iran

“The changes have come along well. We are developing new players. It means we have to play against good quality teams. With due respect to Iran and Ukraine, we have to look at the two games coming up against Argentina. It is important to play against different levels of teams. Tonight was a different level in a warm place. It was good for us to play against different levels and in different conditions.”

“Even if both teams are on different levels, tactically, Iran played really well. It was a good game. My expectations were less but I was happy with what I saw.”

“The responsibility is big. We have to give it back to the Brazilian fans and play the beautiful game again. The World Cup will be held in Brazil and we have to convince the fans. We have to give opportunities to new players, young players. We need to win games. Success is important. I have picked these young players and trust a lot in them and they are answering to the expectations. Brazil will always be Brazil. Spain have a different style of play and they played their style and won the World Cup. The main thing for us is to give it back to the fans."

October 13, 2010

On Robinho

"Robinho is mature now and, although not old, is one of the more experienced players. He is a joy and very important to us, therefore he is an example for any young players."

October 20, 2010

On Ronaldinho

"I think that I am going to recall Ronaldinho for the friendly match that we have to play against Argentina.He is adapting very well to his new position in his team. I saw him personally in the match that Milan defeated Chievo 3-0 and he played very well. In addition, I even saw him in a training session last Sunday, I spoke with him and I saw him very motivated for playing again for the Brazilian national team."

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