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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zico resigns as Executive Director of Flamengo

Brazil soccer legend Zico resigned from his position as Executive Director of the beleaguered team Flamengo on October 1, citing an inability to get along with the club's management after just four months in his position. Flamengo have had 3 coaches in the space of the year and occupy the 15th position out of 20 in the Campeonato Brasileiro da Série A (Brasileiro), just one spot away from the relegation zone reserved for the last 4 teams. In a statement posted on his website, Zico remarked: "It is not possible to do what I want to do with Flamengo." "I've noticed that my presence has not been favorable and has caused discontent among a lot of people." "It's not possible for me to continue." He also cited attacks on his sons by his rivals as an additional reason for his departure. Club President Patricia Amorin tearfully addressed the media by lamenting Zico's departure and suggesting that head coach Paulo Silas would be dismissed in an apparent concession to one of Zico's demands.

Flamengo's 1-1 draw with Botafogo in the Rio derby on Saturday October 2 leaves them in 15th place in Brazil's Serie A, and renders head coach Silas's position all the more precarious. Jorge Luis Andrade and Rogerio Laurenco occupied the position of Flamengo head coach prior to Silas.

The most illustrious player in the history of Flamengo, Zico was central to its success in Flamengo's golden age in the early 1980s. The former star of the 1982 Brazilian national team and 2006 World Cup coach of Japan led Flamengo to victory in the 1981 Copa Libertadores, the 1981 Intercontinental Cup, and three national titles in 1980, 1982 and 1983. After a highly successful spate in Italy with Udinese from 1983-1985, Zico returned to Brazil to lead Flamengo to their fourth national title in 1987.

Despite winning the Brasileiro championship in 2009-2010, Flamengo have had a horrendous run of form related to the departure of striker Adriano to AS Roma, goalkeeper Bruno's suspension and imprisonment for the alleged murder of actress Eliza Samudio, differences of opinion amongst management and its revolving door of coaches.

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