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Monday, February 14, 2011

Brazilian Soccer Legend Ronaldo Announces Retirement from Corinthians and Professional Football

For an article that recalls Ronaldo's explosive pace and finishing skill, see:

Flashback: The Magic of Ronaldo

Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldo announced his retirement from professional football today citing difficulties maintaining his body and hypothyroidism, a medical condition which made it difficult for him to maintain an optimal weight. In a tearful press conference where he was flanked by his sons Alex and Ronald, Ronaldo remarked:

"It’s very hard to leave something that made me so happy. Mentally, I wanted to continue, but I have to acknowledge that I lost (the fight) to my body. With this announcement, it feels like it’s my first death. The pain made me anticipate the end of my career. My career was beautiful, was wonderful. I’ve had many defeats but infinite victories."

Ronaldo ended his career at Corinthians at a moment when he and Roberto Carlos bore the brunt of anger from fans after the club's February 2 elimination from the Copa Libertadores. Ronaldo's extraordinary career was plagued by knee injuries related to his explosive power and pace.

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