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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zinedine Zidane Interview on Ronaldo of Corinthians

In this November 2009 interview, Zinedine Zidane reflects on the best player against which he has every played: Ronaldo of Corinthians. The French number 10 and 1998 World Cup champion noted that, like every great player, Ronaldo stepped up and delivered in big matches, time and time again. Zidane remarked that he had an ease with the ball in training that was exceptional and even irritating, to some. But what made Ronaldo truly exceptional, for Zidane, was that every day, in training, Ronaldo demonstrated something different, something beautiful that he had never shown to the world before, as if his repertoire of tricks were virtually infinite. Amidst the grind of daily life and multiple training sessions a day at Real Madrid, Ronaldo showed Zidane and his peers a new magic trick every day, like a master revealing his skill to his students while constantly managing to replenish his power and strength.

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