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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Neymar and Ganso on Santos Copa Libertadores Victory

Paulo Henrique Ganso

"This title puts this generation in the history books. We are making history with another title, with a groups of young winners, young fighters who honor Santos's jersey."


"It's the happiest day of my life, I made history. We deserved this title, it's time to celebrate. It's time to go after my third South American title [Copa America]. We still have a few months to go before we get there, but it's going to be interesting.”

Leo (Defender)

"They (Penarol) were a worthy opponent, but they don't know how to lose.”

Edu Dracena (Captain)

"It's an important title for the club and for all the players. We've been trying to win this third title for a long time and now we've made history."

Muricy Ramalho (Santos coach)

"I've been going after this for a long time. It wasn't easy, but it's finally my turn.”

Pele (Celebrated former Santos player)

"We have to thank these young guys for giving us this title.”

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