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This blog reflects on soccer qua football all over the world. The blog has a specific investment in attractive, attacking football and, as such, focuses on Brazil, the most emphatic historical exponent of the beautiful game.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Day Of Sadness For Brazil Fans: Mexico Defeats Brazil 2-1 In The 2012 Olympic Final

Today was a day of sadness for Brazil football fans all over the world. We began by thinking that Brazil might clinch Olympic gold for the first time in its history. Instead, the match unfolded like a horror movie with everything going against plan from the 29th second onwards. It reminded me, and Brazil fans all over the world, of Brazil's tragic loss to France in the 1998 World Cup final. Now, we don’t know what will happen to Mano Menezes, the team at large and its players. Within the space of 90 minutes, the way forward for the Selecao suddenly became dark, unsure and lonely. Most of us respect the innovation that Menezes injected into the team by playing with high lines, ultra-attacking formations and players that are based in Brazil. But while we certainly need victories, we do not want to turn to the counter-attacking football of Carlos Dunga, Muricy Ramalho or Joel Santana.

We want attractive, stylish, attacking football that fields strikers that score goals. We want style and artistry on the pitch and creativity and freedom. To help the Selecao, in the months that follow, this blog will return to the history of the game, and bring back to life its greatest moments from Garrincha and Vava to Pele, Socrates, Zico, Romario, Bebeto, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Kaka. As a community of fans, let us insist that Brazil bring back the beautiful game while at the same time securing victories and trophies as well.

The 2014 World Cup is two years away. As fans, bloggers and journalists, let us fight to help Brazil by resurrecting the history of the game and reminding the world and Brazil itself of its glory as the greatest footballing nation of all time. Together, we will bring back the beautiful game to Brazil and the footballing world. And let us still believe that Brazil can lift the World Cup trophy in 2014.

A defeat is a defeat. We must walk away with our heads held high, because much progress was made during these few weeks at the 2012 London Olympics. At the same, we need to continue to rebuild as a team and allow Brazil to find its glorious, arrogant, attacking, free flowing true nature.

And congratulations to Mexico, which is gradually one becoming of the world's best footballing nations. Mexico will be one of the favorites for World Cup 2014, without any question.


  1. As iove selceao so much i wasn't impressed by their display in z whole tournament even z friendlies match before z olympic. their defense is sluggish.how can rafael,danilo and even marcelo can dribble z ball among many oppenent players in a very risky zone??their r defenders not striekers or play makers.just pass z ball.period. second their midfield was zero.if we saw z match against south korea n mexico selceao was outclassed in midfield.especially against mexico. there were no any midfielder who would come n recieve z ball from thiago or juan. so they started to pass z ball to z sides(thiago-juan-marcelo) or long passes to neymar who is weak in air due to his phyiscal.why don't thay play with more ball possession?they have z talent,skill,ability n tecknique to keep z ball.pass z ball with patience.make z oppenents chase z ball.10-15 passes.i'm sure if z spaniards can do that selceao can do that too.even in a better way too.look at z matches against USA,DENMARK,EGYPT,SOUTH KOREA.selceao had less ball possession although they won but although these oppenents were under pressure they managed to have a better ball possession.third, play as a unit.team work.why do neymar,oscar,hulk,rafael,marcelo,lucas keep z ball too long????recieve z ball,control it n pass.PERIOD.make tricks n flicks in z penality area not in middle of z pitch.

  2. I think Brazil should call Dunga, because it is by far better than Menezes. Dunga's team had lost only one game. Menezes did not win the whole time, and Brazil has never been so low in the classification. They should absolutely replace Menezes. His team had no defense, and goalkeeper. I really don't understand how he could ignore Ramires and David Luis? I think he did not need Hulk in that Olympic games. Even Brazil have the best players in the wold without a good coach, they will not win anything. Brazil must very careful, if they do not win this wold cup at home, they can forget the others, it will become much more difficult.
    Pep Guardiola or Dunga can do the job.

    1. Dunga is z wrong choice.although he won many matches it was in unbrazilian way he did it.inworld cup 2010 he had only plan A.it's not only a win expected in brazil but a beautiful display too.big phil,mauricy and others can b picked. but mano should b sacked immidiately after z sweden match.z next coach must build a team with not individuals but a team that works together.TEAM WORK.a great n stabil defence,a midfield with players who have a great first touch n who keeps z ball around,and strikers who keep creat goal chances.this coach must build a selceao that can plays short passes(i.e from goal keeper-defenders-midfielders-forwards),with great ball possession(i.e60%-70%) and attacking football.

    2. your right hulk wasnt needed but ronaldinho was needed alot they needed a experienced play maker

  3. Brasil need to have this formation:
    GK- Diego Alves

    Defense-Daniel Alves Thiago Silva David Luiz Marcelo

    CM/DM- Felipe Melo Ramires

    AM- Kaka Hernanes

    Forwards- Luis Fabiano Neymar

    Banca---Julio Cesar, Dede, Miranda, Adriano, Rafael, Arouca, Lucas Leiva, Oscar, Ganso, Leandro Damiao, Robinho

    Emergency- Victor, Luisao, Alex, Filipe Luis, Alex Sandro, Luis Gustavo, Paulinho, Diego, Ronaldinho, Alexandre Pato, Fred, Hulk