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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brazil Defeat Honduras 3-2 To Reach Semifinals Of Olympics

Brazil earned a scrappy victory to defeat Honduras 3-2 and reach the semifinals of the Olympics, after going behind twice. The Selecao won thanks to two goals by Leandro Damiao and a Neymar penalty kick that Damiao converted. Honduras, meanwhile, earned a red card in the first half through two yellow cards for Cristiano, and a second red card late in the match for Roger Espinoza, who scored Honduras’s second goal. Overall, Brazil should consider themselves lucky to have reached the semifinal although, admittedly, Honduras played highly physical football that deservingly resulted in two red cards that changed the complexion, tempo and atmosphere of the match.

Honduras: Martinez (12)
Brazil: Damiao (38)
Honduras: Espinoza (48)
Brazil: Neymar (51 | penalty)
Brazil: Damiao (60)

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